Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ticking lists

I have Euros and a map of Cannes, so at least I know where the flat is now. And I know where my passport is. In fact, I can see it right at this moment.

Talked to Jenny-my-producer this afternoon, and I now know what I'm supposed to be doing in Cannes - sort of. She has meetings lined up for us, and also has a pass to the Kodak Pavilion for me (this is one of the top places to have a pass for, apparently), as well as some party invitations. And I joined the American Pavilion, which is a good place to hang out, I'm told. They do free ice cream in the afternoon; the UK Pavilion does free sorbet, and free beer at 6pm, but more importantly, cheap coffee in the mornings. The question is, can I exist on a diet of beer and ice cream? I think I'll buy some more vitamin pills.

We agreed that I'm going to produce "Echoes", my short, and she's going to be Executive Producer - i.e. I have someone to turn to and go "???" when I haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Which will be most of the time. But we already have the beginnings of a crew, so all we need now is the money. Anyone fancy becoming an investor in our tiny segment of the UK film industry?


Blogger Dizzy said...

Much as I would love to, cash flow well, isn't.

All sounds very exciting for you. Well done you !

9:29 pm  
Blogger Viv said...

:) How exciting!

Well, sorbet is usually made with fruit so maybe that'll prevent scurvy...?

10:51 am  
Blogger Nez said...

Enuff about the ice-cream, sorbet, beers and coffee - have you bloomin started packin' yet??!

(It's okay - you're allowed to ask me the same towards the end of June. hehe.)


8:49 pm  

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