Saturday, November 25, 2006

Car crash rock 'n' roll

To Leeds on Thursday for my birthday present from A - a ticket to the Brian Jonestown Massacre at Leeds Met student union. If you've seen Dig, you have a rough idea of what to expect. If you haven't seen Dig, you really should. The supporting band were Morning After Girls, who were good although I'd like to hear their songs a little less loud and without distortion. We started off in the middle of the hall but then moved to the side, ending up in front of Anton, and got right on the barrier for half of the BJM set. They were fab, when they were playing songs - This Is Why You Love Me, Servo, Nevertheless, Swallowtail, When Jokers Attack, If Love is the Drug (I didn't get a set list and didn't write anything down so that's from memory) - but then Anton let rip into to the bloke who was stringing his guitar, then later had a go at one of the other guitarists, and later still Joel walked off after a row; there is an element in seeing BJM where you can't tear your eyes away from the wreckage piling up - you want the tunes but Anton on a roll is a fearsome sight. That anyone can believe in something so passionately, the way he clearly does about his music, is awe inspiring in a way. He may well be barking, but he's also a brilliant musician. Unfortunately some people come to provoke him, and they got what they wanted. Anton had a "heated exchange" with some people in the crowd, played one last song, put his coat on and walked off. End of gig. It was a sad anti-climax to end what had been a really good night.

Prior to that, on Wednesday, was also in Leeds for the launch of The Book of Leeds, a collection of short stories by West Yorkshire writers - readings from Sue Everett, Tom Palmer and M Y Alam, followed by a very short Q+A followed by adjournment to the pub.

And last night, Nina and I went to see Casino Royale. My verdict? I enjoyed it, but ...

The action scenes went on just a little too long, as did the love scenes; my problem with the film was that I just don't believe a Bond in love. I know this was supposed to be an insight into how he got to be the cold heartless misogynist he is, but I'm afraid I can't quite accept a soft-hearted loving Bond. Not that any of this was Daniel Craig's fault - he was fabulous, especially when emerging from the sea in his little blue trunks, a moment that provoked Nina to sigh out loud (I may well have done too, I was just concentrating on not giggling at Nina!). My other "failure to suspend disbelief" moment is that this is supposed to be about how he becomes a double O, yet they're talking about post 9-11 and using mobile phones - either it's history, or it's not, can't have it both ways.

So, it was a good way to spend a Friday night; and yes, I'd bid in an auction to pat Daniel Craig's tummy, even if I had to rub my head at the same time.


Blogger minijonb said...

ahhh... i discovered Morning After Girls this year. i like them big time. glad you had a good time at the show.


8:33 pm  
Blogger anna said...

how did you find out the song titles eh? you make yourself sound like a right bjm follower - i thought you only knew what servo was called ;) or did you look at tracklistings on amazon and pick ones that sounded good? thats what i do. ha

8:03 pm  

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