Thursday, August 23, 2007

You heard it here first

The Edinburgh round-up in today's Times says In Search of A Midnight Kiss is "the discovery of the festival" and last Sunday's Observer called it "a beautiful lo-fi romance" - I picked it out last Friday as one to watch. Wehey, I'm ahead of the papers.

Going back up to Edinburgh tomorrow; thanks to the Delegate's Guide I have another meeting, and I'll also spend a day doing some Fringe stuff since I didn't get a chance to see anything last weekend, then its Best of the Fest on Sunday - the most popular films, running in blocks that start at 10-10:30, next block starts 12-12:30, then 2-2:30 and so on; so if you're keen and a little bit mad, you could pick a film from each block and end up seeing 5 films in a day. I'm meeting up with Becky at various between-films points of the day, not sure how many we'll see between us. Watch this space. Especially now you know I'm so on the ball ;)


Blogger Stacie said...

I'm planning to actually take my computer with me this weekend--so, I'll be checking for updates often!

10:13 pm  

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