Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mixed bag

An all sorts of bits and pieces random catch up.

First, the important stuff:

I missed this link from Thursday; Sam seems to be the main man for Equity at the moment - go here for a debate on Radio 4's PM on 10th Jan about the Arts Council cuts - ffwd to 40mins to hear the crucial bit.

Am a touch cheesed off that writers and theatre-makers have been blogging about this since before Christmas but its not until the actors get involved that the BBC takes notice; on the other hand, at least they're taking notice.

Can't help but link the Arts Council's disregard for new writing and regional theatre with the WGA strike in America - am I alone in feeling that its "let's stomp on writers" season? I particularly enjoyed Joaquin Phoenix's response to the strike as part of the People's Choice awards, and not just because I'm in the "got to see everything he's done" phase of having a bit of a crushette on him (it's his eyes - man with green eyes = me going *thud*) - and I would've posted his response as part of this post, if it wasn't for the fact that I can't work out how to embed a clip - suffice to say, Joaquin follows shortly.

*cough* OK, attempt to get back to being serious and banish all thoughts of Joaquin ...

Said a while ago I'd update re Caught Shorter, Screen Yorkshire's scheme for funding short films. I put in a bid with me as producer alongside Director Dan and Writer Mark; we got shortlisted, which in itself is an achievement, I think - they shortlist 8 in order to pick 4, from around 100 applicants. We didn't get selected for funding, and one of the reasons was "inexperienced director" - given that the scheme is for 1st or 2nd time directors, we were a little confused about this - how can you apply for a scheme for 1st or 2nd time directors unless you're inexperienced? Isn't that the point? Anyway, we haven't given up, and I'm still looking out for sources of funding for what I think is a really interesting script. And if anyone is up for an interview with their regional board and wants a quick chat about our experiences, get in touch - am happy to help wherever possible.

And I know I'm way behind with film reviews, but as a quick summary - Golden Compass, liked it; Enchanted, made me queasy; Charlie Wilson's War, also made me queasy; St Trinians, fun but not a patch on the original. N and I were going to see PS I love You last week but decided we'd rather stay in the bar for another drink, however we are going to attempt to see We Own The Night this week, and not just because N is indulging my Joaquin thing. No, not at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Signed petitions. All very worrying. Saw 'I'm Not There' this afternoon. Cate Blanchett completely brilliant, music terrific as you'd expect, other aspects rather confusing but it certainly kept the brain alert for 2+hours. No, we're not tempted by St Trinians!
Love from us

9:59 pm  
Blogger Jon Peacey said...

A friend told me the other day about his recent experience with the Caught Short scheme at SY. Like you he got through to the last 8 on the shortlist and, like you, his team was turned down. SY declared their director was inexperienced and said that they 'had no confidence in the director's ability to direct the piece'. They had previously done a well-received non-narrative dance film. It seems odd that a 1st or 2nd time director should stumble due to lack of experience for a scheme aimed at 1st and 2nd time film-makers!!!

2:16 pm  

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