Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost there

Just spent a week entirely on the film, which has been great - knackering, but great. We had three days out on location Monday - Wednesday, and were well favoured by the weather, particulalry as THE crucial climb of the film was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and we got sun.

We also got masses of really good footage for the industry/history segments, and a couple of good interviews:

Steve and his loom
Richard and our high tech approach to filming

Out on the moors.

Then the last two days, we've been in the edit suite putting all this stuff together - its been fairly intense, and hard work - we've got archive footage, stuff we've filmed ourselves, poems, interviews, sound tracks - some difficult choices to be made in terms of what stays and what goes, what works and what seemed like a good idea once but is now superfluous - in some ways they're the hard bits to handle, giving up on some segment that once we thought was really cool. But it's been completely brilliant - being a team of three, as Richard said when we were out in Saltaire on Wednesday, is a good size for a team - not unwieldy, and we click pretty well, and I think we all feel free to say what we think, which means that what goes in is thought through and agreed on. At least that how it feels to me - a really good collaborative project. Love it.

To finish the week, M and I went out to meet our music guy, sat in his studio while he played us a few tunes and we talked about how we thought music might fit - left there feeling very positive about the music.

Top week then.