Monday, November 23, 2009

Kendal report

Here we are at Kendal Mountain Film Festival, introducing the fifth and final screening yesterday at 9am. Remarkably, given the partying that was going on the night before, we had around 55 people in the audience. The feedback has been great, with people saying that it's a gentle, thought-provoking film, one that really gets what climbing is about, and that they have really enjoyed it.
The festival itself has been great, loads of interesting films, fascinating lectures, and great people. The record-breaking quantity of rain certainly looked like it was going to cause massive problems on Thursday (and of course, it did, all over the Lake District, with people being flooded out of their homes, and a phenomenal amount of work for the emergency and rescue services), but a dry (and even sunny) day on Friday meant that rivers had time to subside, flooded roads around Kendal cleared, and people got here and made it a sell-out festival.
A highlight for me was hearing Doug Scott's lecture on Saturday, and then meeting him yesterday. The Asgard Project premiere on Friday was also a great event, and unsurprisingly Alistair Lee won the People's Choice award for that film.
The other good thing that's happened this weekend is that we've been invited to submit LoF to Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, and Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. So there should be plenty more news to come!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Countdown to Kendal

Less than two weeks to go to Kendal Mountain Film Festival, and we're getting quite excited!

The screening schedule for "Lines of Flight" is as follows:
Friday 20th November, 9am and 1pm
Saturday 21st November, 9am and 5pm
Sunday 22nd November, 9am.

The master has gone off to the festival, we have our tickets and passes sorted out, so we're pretty much set to go. I haven't got any guest tickets left to allocate for our screenings, but if anyone is going to Kendal and would like to say hello, come and find us - I'll be there from Thursday to Sunday and Martin will be there from Friday.

If you're on Facebook, join the "Lines of Flight" group here, and check out further details about the festival here.