Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just when we thought it was all over

It's so long since I posted that probably no-one is reading, but just in case ...

I got back to my Vancouver apartment tonight to find out that Lines of Flight has been selected for Graz Adventure Film Festival in Austria, and Banff Mountain Film Festival, Canada. This is such stupendously good news!! Banff is THE festival as far as mountain film festivals are concerned. Richard our DoP went to Graz a few years ago with one of his films and said it was fantastic. So, just as I was beginning to think we were going to end our festival year with a bit of a whimper after starting with a bang, it seems we get to go out with a bang after all.


Anonymous James said...

Hi Sal,

I just this second got the random urge to google to see if your blog was still up and how you were doing - trust me to pick the day you decide to update it :P


It sounds like overall the reception of your and Martin's film has been fantastic, and it's great that you've gotten into such a prestigious festival.

Btw - a little bird tells me that there will be some ex-WDPers performing at Ilkley Literatre Fringe Festival:

Saturday 16th October, 'The Writers' Group Exposed'.
Venue: Wildman, Ilkley Playhouse, LS29 8DW
Time: 9.15 -10.15
Cost: Free

I'm probably away for the weekend, but just thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to go show your support or throw some cheesecake!

All the best,


8:26 pm  
Blogger Sal said...

James! Hello! Thanks for your message. Yes I heard about the WDP thing but that's my birthday and I'll be elsewhere. We must catch up soon.

BTW you would like Vancouver - so many sushi and fish places to eat!

3:26 am  

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