Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just heard today that "Lines of Flight" has been selected for Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, which takes place 5-7th March, so we've got outings on two consecutive weekends - Llanberis followed by Sheffield. Further details for Llanberis once I've got the programme, but we're planning to be at both. Would be great to meet up with anyone who'll be at either festival - let us know.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Some exciting news: "Lines of Flight" won the Best Film for Mountain Culture at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

Here's the citation:
Best Film on Mountain Culture (B.C.M.C. Award)
Lines of Flight
(UK, 2009, directed by Sal Brown & Martin Wood)

Jury statement: Although, this film shows mostly free solo climbers, the jury decided to award this film in the mountain culture category. This beautifully made film avoids every cliché of rock climbing and offers a different view on climbing. It proposes a clear connection between people from a specific area, in this case the Peak District in the UK and its history of mining and textile manufacturing.

Obviously we're pretty thrilled!