Saturday, May 20, 2006

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It's now 5:30pm and I'm in the Euro pavilion, having just seen "Selon Charlie", French entry in competition - it was very French, beautifully filmed and acted but ultimately somewhat confusing. A bunch of men whose lives were supposed to intertwine, but I didn't exactly manage to work out how, entirely. It got a muted round of applause at the end. Earlier this morning, I saw "Paris Je T'aime", which is Un certain regard - and it's my favourite film to date. Absolutely loved it - short films by around 18 directors (including Gurindha Chadha, Gus Van Sant, the Coen brothers amongst others) with fantastic casts, each short filmed in a particular Arrondissement but adding up to a love letter to and from Paris. Absolutely fantastic. Easily the best film I've seen this year.

Later tonight I'm going to a reception at the Kodak pavilion, then home to change for the gala screening of "Red Road", the UK entry in competition, directed by Andrea Arnold.

And I still need to report on yesterday - saw three fims, including "As You Like It", diretced by kenneth Branagh - pretty much what you'd expect for a Shakespeare from Mr Branagh, including many of the usual suspects in his cast - Brian Blessed, Richard Clifford, Adrian Lester, Gerard Horan. Very enjoyable if you like that kind of thing. Ron Howard (director of Da Vinci Code) was in the audience because his daughter is in the cast. Earlier, saw "Ten Canoes", Australian entry in Un Certain Regard, which was fantastic - a traditional story and the first film with an entirely aboriginal cast. Beautifully filmed, totally mesmerising. It was my no. 1 until this morning. Then last night, I met up with Lyn because we both managed to get tickets for the gala screening of "Fast Food Nation", directed by Richard Linklater, American entry in competition. I wore one of the slinky red dresses, and some scary underwear, and shoes that started off feeling great but had made my feet suffer by the end of the evening. The red carpet bit was fun - spotlights, crowds, flashbulbs ... it's just crazy, but in a good way. Climbing the steps flanked by smiling french policemen, everyone in a really upbeat mood - it was great. Then we go in and take our seats, and the rest of the red carpet thing is played on the big screen, so you can watch everyone else coming in - stars and guests. And the film - well, I won't be eating burgers ever again. Not that I eat them anyway, but now, definitely not. It was good, if a little strung out, too many threads that disappeared and then came back again. If you liked "Supersize Me", you'll like this.

So, I think I'm up to date now. I'm really hungry, and I should check my emails and eat before I go to score free alcohol, then go back to the flat to get changed for tonight's fun and games.


Blogger Mollywags said...

Thanks for all the details. Makes us feel we're there with you. So glad you've had a red carpet experience and hope more will follow. The food film is reviewed in today's Guardian. In fact the Festival seems to be getting quite a lot of coverage.
Enjoy the free booze etc. Cheers! We're off to an early dinner, then 'Tosca' (but no red dress, slinky or otherwise).
Keep up the postings. You should have offered to be a paper's 'our Cannes correspondent' - they're so good.
Love from us

5:27 pm  
Blogger anna said...

It sounds marvellous, and i hate to say i told you so about those shopes but... :-P would you like me to post my very comfiest heels out to you?!
keep on enjoying it and do keep writing lots about it because for us stuck here in dear old rainy blighty it does brighten the day up. love anna xxx

6:21 pm  
Blogger Mama(French for mother!) said...

Glad you've made it to the red carpet. Sounds as if you are enjoying yourself. Keep us posted.
Love Mama (thought I'd give it a bit of a French flavour!!)

11:28 pm  
Blogger Nez said...

Ditto everything they said!


1:52 pm  
Blogger Viv said...

Sometimes its worth suffering to be fabulous... sorry to hear your feet are hurting!

12:22 pm  

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