Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year


Hope you all had a lovely time and didn't suffer any consequences, and are not now going in for the usual mental self-flagellation as your resolutions go up in smoke. I didn't make any resolutions, as they're usually just a small bomb of self-hatred with a two week time delay; however, I did set myself the challenge of writing something short every day this year - not writing every day (I'm doing that too) but writing something complete, every day, as per Suzan Lori-Parks' 365, previously mentioned here. And so far, this has resulted in a short play (of the "Gone in 60 seconds" type), a monologue, and 3 short stories - not bad, really. I missed yesterday, because it was a bit of a mad day - up at 5:15 to get a train to get to London in time for my NPA workshop (don't you just love those engineering works on the East Coast line?); workshop, meet A at the V&A for lunch, bit of mooching round shops, meet Liz at the Theatre Museum*, mooch a bit more, catch a train home; collapse, drained, in front of a film. I think that's forgiveable, and since it's my game, and I set the rules, there is a new rule: missing a day is OK so long as there was a reason other than sheer laziness or can't-be-arsedness, and that gap is made up the next day.

No plays to report on, but did see a film last week - Deja Vu, written by Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio, directed by Tony Scott, starring Denzel Washington. I loved it. Every now and then, you need a big blockbustery movie that blows things up and messes with your head, and this was it for me. Aside from the fact that if Mr Washington picks up a script and says "yes", the chances are you're going to get something worth looking at, I was still thinking about it hours later. What if you could go back in time? Could you really alter things? Then what? No doubt there are plot holes in there, but I don't care. It's definitely a "suspend reality and enjoy" film, but then, it's fiction, so why not? A worthwhile investment of a Thursday afternoon.

* The Theatre Museum in Covent Garden closed today (unless something really odd happened between yesterday and now which I don't know about). For anyone who cares about our theatrical history being recorded, check out the Guardians of the Theatre Museum. The V&A apparently own the collection, much of which was never displayed because the Russell Street premises were too small. But instead of proper premises being found, the museum is being closed. In a couple of years, maybe, some of it might re-appear at the V&A - but that's not the same as having a dedicated theatre museum. So, as of today, a big chunk of our cultural history disappears into a cupboard somewhere in South Kensington.


Blogger Optimistic_Reader said...

Happy New Year to you too! And well done on your completing a project a day task. I haven't really made any resolutions other than to write more, which I've stuck to so far.

8:01 pm  
Blogger Dizzy said...

Something really odd did happen. The Museum closed yesterday. Despite assurances to the latter, I turned up today and found it locked and barred.


(I'm allowed to say that here, aren't I )?!

9:44 pm  

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