Friday, February 22, 2008


Haven't blogged for ages, sorry! Have been rather preoccupied with getting A sorted for her trip to New Zealand (she's there now, and sends me texts at 5am saying things like "we've had a lovely day on the beach " - envious, me? What do you think?). Also had a bunch of new stuff coming up at work - a big project on occupational cancers, the possibility (but it fell through) of some more sexual health work, and a couple of other things too.

Thanks to anyone who voted for Sam's film via here - he was the regional winner, but didn't win overall - still, he got to go to the BAFTAs, lucky boy.

Seen a couple of plays at York Theatre Royal, and a couple of films, mostly enjoyable but nothing stunningly good, but since I should be setting off somewhere in about - ooh, ten minutes! - I'll come back and do a proper post with real reviews soon(ish).

Meanwhile keep an eye on the Hull Films website - the programme for the Short Film Festival will launch soon, and its going to be a cracker! Seriously, there's some good stuff planned - can't say more, but at the last Board meeting we discussed some v cool visitors and speakers.


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