Sunday, April 27, 2008

And another campaign

While we're on the campaigning trail, here's something else to go after.

Two weeks ago, I hiked in Topanga Canyon and absolutely loved it - my only regret is that I only had one day, because I would love to do more hikes out there - it's more than beautiful, it's space for air and tranquility.
That day I also would've loved to have hit Topanga State Beach for a dive into the sea after my hot and sweaty striding out to Eagle Rock

This might not exactly be Topanga Beach, but its a really cool photo Nez took on our drive along the PCH.

And there are huge numbers of other beautiful places I would love to visit, to hike or just to hang out. People think of LA and this celebrity-soaked urban busy space, and often aren't aware that close by are the most amazing beaches and wilderness areas, within easy reach - great for visitors like me, but more importantly, essential outdoor spaces for LA people.

But if the Governator has his way, there won't be State Parks and State Beaches for much longer. Budget cuts mean there are proposals to shut down access to many outdoor spaces in California. As someone who benefitted immeasurably from the Kinder Trespasses of the 1930s in terms of opening up access to wilderness areas, I find it alarming that budget cuts might result in padlocks on car parks and citations for people going for walks - we need our open spaces, we need fresh air and tranquility, we need to get out and look at beautiful things and hear nothing but the sound of our breathing in our ears and our feet hitting the ground. Defend access, act to protect our right to just go out in the country for a walk.

Here's the link for Topanga and Will Rogers parks;

Here's the link for the campaign to save all the California state parks.


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Email petitions signed for the individual parks and for all the state parks. :)

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