Monday, March 17, 2008

That's it, then

Am back home, still reeling in awe at the brilliance of the Histories cast, and revelling in the sheer joy of spending a chunk of time with a bunch of people who love the same stuff as me. Hello Kathy in D49 and E10, Paul in D46, Jenny occasionally in D47, Steve in M62, and also hello B28 who left me a comment. By Sunday, it really did feel like being amongst a band of brothers, we few, we happy few who were lucky enough or privileged enough to have shared this wondrous experience. As Michael Boyd said on Sunday, "gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here." Absolutely.

I will write considered and fully thought through reviews soon, possibly tomorrow, but meanwhile check out Jenny at whatsonstage, and courtesy of the fantastic resource that is the RSC website, gaze upon the very lovely Lex Shrapnel aka Harry Percy, John Talbot, and Richmond/HenryVII:

Am currently severely tempted to go for a trilogy day at the Roundhouse in London, to see H IV pt 1 and 2 and HV again. Oh, what to do! (You just know I'm going to be on the phone in the morning, don't you?)


Anonymous Stacie said...

I was wondering about the chickens as well! :)

3:31 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Hi Sal!
Really liked your blog posts on the Histories, glad to see that you seem to have liked mine for whatsonstage, as you gave them a mention here. Thanks for clearing up at least some of the confusion over the flower ladies, I did wonder about them.
//Jenny (your neighbour in seat D47 during 1H4 & 2H4)

8:05 pm  

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