Thursday, May 25, 2006


It was inevitable after things being so good for so long that there would be some slippage. Last night was it. I got so tired and so hungry I gave up on going out to dinner with some people Jenny knows, and went home to crash out. I was on my bed by 10pm, eating tomato and mozzarella salad I'd bought earlier, and having a glass of the local rose (can't find the accent on this 'puter), and was so soundly asleep by 11 that I have no idea what time Jenny came back. I still feel a bit sluggish - I think I'm going to have jet lag when I get back.

Before that, the day had been kind of OK, if a little directionless. While blogging, I saw Elana, the American woman interested in MWG, and she bought me lunch (yay!), then I lined up in the sun for ages to see "Suburban Mayhem", an Australian film in Un Certain Regard. It was interesting, but I can't see it doing well. It was about a girl who is essentially a total psycho, and manipulates everyone around her. She's horribly fascinating but you don't really feel sympathy for her, just curiosity about how she's getting away with everything.

Then went to the UK pavilion and met up with Roland, who I know from Edinburgh, and his partner Zoe. Not really talked to her before, but we went over to the Euro pavilion together for a Spanish reception (really nice sherry but too late for the canapes) and it turns out she also is mad keen to see "Scanner", so we've agreed to meet up tonight to queue together. She also hasn't done the red carpet yet, partly because Roland hasn't got a posh suit and she didn't want to go alone, so we've agreed to try to get tickets to tomorrow night's gala screening (a French film) and go together.

Then went up to the Grand, and found a big group of people Jenny knows - got talking to Joe, a writer, and agreed to meet him this morning to try to get into the "morning after" screening of "Marie Antoinette" - start queueing at 7:30am for an 8:30 screening. We got in, but the system is chaotic - it's luck and patience that gets you into films here. The film has been boo'd here, and reviewed very badly - I don't think it's so bad but it's too long, and a bit too odd. One of the problems is having a protagonist who does nothing, everything happens to her, or at a distance from her. The sets and cinematography are luscious, but overall I was left unmoved. And Joe also wants to come to "Scanner"! We're turning into quite a little gathering.

It was really nice to have company for a film, I've been going on my own for the last week, so I'm looking forward to being a little group tonight. I hope we all get in.

And in other news, I just heard from Jenny that we have a meeting this afternoon with the money bloke we met at the party the other night.

One of the things about Cannes is that you're supposed to be able to bump into stars left right and centre - everyone but me seemed to see Faye Dunaway and Bruce Willis last week! I haven't really seen anyone, certainly not casually. The famous faces arrive for their films, then get whisked off to parties - either that or they're all hiding from me.

Time to crash out again with some coffee and croissants, I think.


Blogger Stacie said...

Crashing seems perfectly normal for someone who has been running full steam on coffee and canapes! :-)

I hope having a group to see the film is fun. Then you have discussion partners afterward. Not having anyone to talk to afterward is what I dislike about going to the movies on my own.

As for not "seeing" the stars, maybe you are just like me. I walk by them and just miss seeing them. Then the people I'm with, say, "Did you see her/him?" Arg. No. LOL!

3:01 pm  
Blogger Viv said...

Me too! I failed to recognise Woody Allen (& giant bodyguards!) when i was sitting facing his table in a restaurant. I spent the whole of lunch wondering why everyone I was with was behaving so strangely! I'm sure the 'slebs are there, but just blending into their natural surroundings... Maybe find a paparazzi or 2 to hang out with??

Dont party too hard! Did you have a hat when queueing? Maybe it was sun stroke? It sounds like you needed an evening off.

Glad to hear you are finding people to hang with - yes, films are fine alone, but definitely more fun with others!

Enjoy the coffee & croissants

4:23 pm  
Blogger Nez said...

I have EVERYTHING crossed for you for Scanner!! ;o)


Take care hun

6:33 pm  

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