Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Optimistic Reader got me with a meme, the instructions being to "grab the book nearest you. Turn to page 123. Go down to the fifth line. Type out the next three sentences".

Much as I was tempted to cheat, and put something from Billy's book, unfortunately that wasn't nearest. Instead, this is from "Thinking Like a Director" by Michael Bloom: "Directors can make two mistakes in early rehearsals. Some directors want to make friends with the actors so badly, they devote the first day to socialising (I know a few directors who continue this practice into the second week, forcing the actors to take control of rehearsals). Others deliver long-winded lectures to impress the troops, turning the rehearsal into a classroom exercise."

And now I tag Nerys and MaryAn

I spent much of the weekend scouring the pages of Britfilm, reading up on festival deadlines, requirements, costs and such like. We now have a plan for where to go next with "Echoes", which is good. Fingers crossed someone out there likes us. The arrangements for the cast/crew/investors screening and party are beginning to come together too.

After the party comes the romcom workshop, and the day after that, I fly to the USA! Am beginning to get rather excited. Four days in Chicago, visiting Stacie, followed by a week in LA visiting Gena. Chicago will involve architecture, theatre, possibly ice-skating, and probably quite a bit of eating. LA will also involve quite a bit of eating too, I suspect, and hopefully some work, as well as some sunny tourism. Anyone out there want to meet up?


Blogger Stacie said...

I need to work on the eating part!

8:54 pm  
Blogger Optimistic_Reader said...

Thanks for obliging Sal! And good luck with Echoes on the festival circuit.

10:10 pm  

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