Monday, April 30, 2007


I've been tagged by Lianne to post my five goals; this is an interesting one - life long or right now? writing or life in general? How about a bit of a mix?

1. Meet people in Cannes who might be interested in the feature scripts
Yep, Lianne, you were right, Cannes features in the list, but it is pretty much at the top of my mind at the moment. I've got "Dating Games", the completed romcom, and "Romcom with ghost" which is as yet unfinished and untitled but I've already pitched it to an actor and a producer who have both said "ooh that sounds interesting" - and to have a few conversations that ended in "send me the script" would be rather fine.

2. Make a living from being a writer
Isn't this what all we scribosphere folk want? Kind of goes without saying that this means I have to finish the spooky romcom, and get the play tidied up so it's fit for Verity Bargate, and keep on writing other stuff.

3. Find someone who might fall in love with me
I am so bored with being single. It would be nice to have someone fall for me and me fall for them in return. And I think I'm pretty good girlfriend material, actually - smart, funny, well read, good bod for my age, not hideously unattractive, not addicted to shopping, bloody good cook, interested in all sorts of things like theatre, cinema, architecture, as well as the standard walks in the countryside GSOH stuff. So, nice guys, where are you?

4. Get my house and garden finished and lovely
The list of jobs never stops growing even though I keep ticking them off - stripped antique pine doors are now in place, but need waxing; attics need clearing now the roof has been done; bark chips need spreading now the weeds have been dealt with; filing, why is there never an end to filing? Same for dusting, laundry, and cutting the grass. I would love to have the feeling that for once, I'm on top of everything.

5. Have some more ideas
I've got three big ideas at the moment, at various stages of development, and I'm having one of those "what if I never have another good idea" moments. I think I have to take a leaf from Lianne's book - stop being so worried and fearful, and just get on with it.

OK, that was a bit random. I'll probably come back and edit it later. Am I supposed to tag people now? I think I'm too late. If you haven't been tagged yet and you're reading this, consider yourself tagged.


Blogger Lianne said...

Thanks for doing your duty with the meme Sal! Nice mix of goals too.

I think we all want to know where all the nice guys are hiding ;-)

10:40 am  

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