Friday, March 23, 2007

Long time no blog

According to my profile, I'm 250 years old. Fair enough, some mornings I feel 250 years old, but not having made medical history, I am a child of the 1960s, not the 1760s.

Still computerless, I have been lured out of semi-retirement as a result of being tagged by Good Dog to post 5 things no-one knows about me. Hmm. Since someone sniggered not long ago when I said "my secrets are kept where no-one will find them", I'm not sure I want to splatter any here. Oh, go on then.

1. Every now and then, I have a major crush on a cute actor, and have to see EVERYTHING he's been in, no matter how old or how crap. Because of this, I have watched huge numbers of dire movies and even worse TV.

2. I am an awful singer. No-one knows this because I make sure no-one ever hears me sing.

3. My little toes are a waste of space. A chiropodist once offered to chop them off for me. I declined.

4. I can still do cartwheels. Actually, Gena knows this because she saw me do them, on the beach, last month. Hah! Life in the old dog yet!

5. I once waved at Princess Margaret, and she waved back. I know she definitely waved at us, because my Mum and her best mate, having a bunch of kids with chicken pox at the time of the Royal visit, decided we wouldn't infect everyone else by going into the village, but instead would go and stand on a remote corner between Castleton and Edale, where the car would have to slow down at the bend in the road thus guaranteeing us a good look. So, Princess Margaret got a view of five small spotty children and their Mums, wrapped up warmly in duffle coats and scarves, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, in Derbyshire, with no houses in sight. She must've wondered where on earth a little gathering of Northern trolls had come from. We got our wave, though.

Once I get a new laptop (fingers crossed next week) I'll come back and blog some reviews, properly - The Reporter, As You Like It, Coriolanus and The Vortex to catch up on.


Blogger Lianne said...

1 and 2 - Snap! Although plenty of people know about the latter.

1:50 pm  
Blogger Stacie said...

I think I've joined you on #1! :-)

10:09 pm  

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