Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love from Los Angeles

Billy over at "Living the Romantic Comedy" says there's something doing the rounds right now in LA, laying everybody low. He may be right - I've been flat out with a stinking headache all day and still feel that "hung over after a migraine" fuzziness.

But, back to business - had a meeting on Tuesday with a producer I met in Cannes; great to see him again, we had a few projects to discuss and it looks like we might be able to work together, which is exciting. He's interested in the film poems project which is probably going to be my next short. We met at the Chateau Marmont, which is a fun place - it has a great vibe, Gena and I have done some good work there before now. We drove home along Sunset and then out through Beverley Hills to the Pacific Coast Highway which is probably my favourite road in the world. I think it says something about the psyche of California writers vs Brit writers - they have the PCH, we have the M1.

Yesterday we headed out to Neptune's Net, a great seafood place on the Malibu/Ventura County border, for calamari, shrimp and fries, then went to the beach; I paddled! In February! What's not to love about California? (OK, don't let's think about the traffic on the 405). Coming away from the Net, we saw a whale spouting, then at the beach we saw a pod of dolphins cavorting really close in - fantastic!

Spotted so far: Willem Dafoe (looking tired but rugged and handsome); Harry Connick Jr (very handsome, with eye contact - wanted him to say "hi, I'm Harry", so I could say "Hi, I'm Sally" - except he wouldn't have believed me); David Thewliss (v tall, messily spiky blond hair); Brittany Murphy looking cute in a little black hat; Melissa Rivers; Kevin Bacon; and possibly Jake Gyllenhaal although he was moving fast and we were concentrating on not running a binman over.

We have managed to get some work done, although it's hard to resist the urge to be a bit of a tourist - I think Saturday is going to be our big Hollywood tourists day, might even have some pictures of Oscar!


Blogger Stacie said...

*Sigh* Some day you need to drive much further up PCH; it's even more gorgeous!

11:09 pm  
Blogger Mollywags said...

Second attempt at a comment. The other has disappeared. Hope you are feeling much better today. BBC 1 morning weather forecast said 'weather here is just like Hollywood's - mild and showery' so hope that the sun is back shining for you by now. Good l uck with the further star-spotting.
Agree with Stacie re PCH further north.
Love from us

3:01 pm  

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