Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bit more catching up

Having a bit of a quieter day today - no formal meetings, just a catch-up with a couple of people later, and the Screen Yorkshire short film screening this afternoon, and a "swing by and watch our movie" type meeting after that, and then the Scottish Screen reception on the beach this evening, which if it's anything like last year's will be good.

So, where were we? Sunday night - v nice dinner at the Cafe Roma, followed by the 11pm screening of "Chacun Son Cinema", a film commissioned to celebrate Cannes being 60. It was 35 short films about cinema made by directors such as the Coen Brothers, Wong Kar Wai, Jane Campion, Nanni Moretti, etc etc. Very mixed bag, some really good, some really odd, some more than a little self-indulgent. Each one got a round of applause, and the biggest went to Walter Salles for his v funny film.

Yesterday morning, had a v important meeting and thought I'd blown it by not being able to find the person I was meeting at the Carlton - however, he rang me and we managed to meet (phew), and he's interested in the romcom - so, that makes 3 meetings, 3 conversations ending with "send me the script" - pretty good hit rate, so I'm thinking my highly targetted pre-Cannes email campaign was the right way to to go. In the evening, I went to the NPA reception, met up with a couple of Sheffield-based film-makers; then went out to the Highlands and Islands party which was fun - champagne, good food, a champion Scottish fiddler and a couple of dances with a Viking!

Wouldn't mind seeing a few films ....


Blogger Stuart Perry said...

Sal, I'm loving your Cannes dispatches; they're making me wish I'd decided to go after all! Next year, definitely next year...

6:37 pm  
Blogger molly said...

Hi there
Have read postings so far with great interest. Glad all the pre-event work is paying off and that you are having useful chats - and a good time too (champagne and Viking etc). Quite a lot of Cannes coverage in papers and on TV here but no glimpse of you yet.
Love from us

8:19 pm  
Blogger Stacie said...

Just a quick, "Hi!"

11:05 pm  

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