Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cannes so far

Day 2, and my first real chance to do a report.

I'm in the UK Pavilion and there's a nice breeze from the sea which is welcome because its been v hot today. However, I've been indoors most of the day, so no prob with sunburn.

Got here early yesterday - 6am flight from Leeds, so was in Cannes by 10:30. Didn't have any major meetings, but bumped into Tim Clague in the UK Pavilion; met a British director in the American Pavilion while listening to Wong Kar Wai and Norah Jones do "an audience with ..."; it was nice after such an early start (up at 3am for the drive to Leeds) to have a fairly mellow afternoon. Then, at 5 went to the Short Film Corner happy hour where I saw Tim again, met his mate Suki, then went to a reception on a boat to meet a potential director for my futuristic thing; then at 7 went to the UK Film Council reception for short filmmakers, where I met Rob from SYFN, Sue Everett, and the guy who directed Rob's film which is also in Short Film Corner. Have acquired lots of cards for films I must see, and given out quite a few "Echoes" cards; so far, have had two viewings (I get emailed with a daily update of who sees it, complete with email addresses). Rounded off the day with a very nice Spaghetti Vongole at a restaurant very close to our flat, and crashed out at 11:30. Think I did quite well to get so far, actually.

Today has been a top day. Had a meeting this morning with a big-name LA producer which went really well; he laughed at the pitches (which is a good thing) and wants to see scripts. Then saw "Ruby Blue" a good UK film directed by Jan Dunn, starring Bob Hoskins and also featuring my mate Sam Talbot, who was there for the screening which was great, because I haven't seen him for ages. Then met up with some financiers for the futuristic thing, which went well. They have the script, so we'll see.

Quick visit to the SFC, and am now in the UK Pavilion wondering where Sam is and thinking about going to another reception next door in the Kodak.

Just had a couple of emails from people I hit with my pre-Cannes email campaign saying "would love to meet you" - so I need to fix those up for later in the week. And tomorrow I'm being interviewed for someone's film - a bloke I met in the check-in queue at LAX in February, bumped into him yesterday, he's making a documentary about making films and said would I like to be interviewed? So that should be a laugh.

It would be quite nice to see some films - maybe in a day or two!


Blogger Stacie said...

Hi! Glad you are busy, busy! Do remember to have some fun to. Can't wait to hear about the films you get to see. :-)

9:24 pm  
Blogger Tim Clague said...

Great to see you out there this year Sal - rather than missing each other. Sounds like a good Cannes for you.

2:05 pm  

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