Sunday, February 22, 2009

General sort of update

Well, the gym knicker post certainly did the trick in terms of boosting my hit rate (and it probably still is). However, I think it's time to return to rather more demure topics, and since I promised to post more often this year, I thought I had better actually write something.

Sadly, haven't seen any theatre recently - York is unexciting, Sheffield is shut and Othello at WYP sold out in a nanosecond (though I am on the waiting list for two matinees). There are a few things I quite fancied in London, including Three Days of Rain with James McAvoy, but I'm not paying £50 a ticket for a decent view. Even the rubbish seats are over £40. Forget it.

In other news, our film is proceeding at a great rate of knots, we now have a (well known actor as) narrator, a well known Northern poet writing two poems for us, and a very experienced cinematographer interested in filming for us. Spent Friday at the British Library in Boston Spa doing some research, and we now have a plan, kind of, a running order, kind of - we've been circling this idea for so long but now it actually feels as though it's beginning to come together which is a really nice feeling. Went to the launch event for the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival last week which was fun - som great looking films lined up for the festival itself which runs next weekend. I'll be there - anyone want to meet up? Drop me a note if so.

The film has been consuming all my creative energy - work has also been consuming quite a lot, which is pants - so I haven't done much (i.e. any) writing recently. Which I hate. What do you do when you're stuck? How do you unglue yourself? Answers on a postcard please.


Anonymous Steph said...

Hiya Sal, good to read you're doing ok. x

4:55 pm  

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