Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh dear

Oops. A couple of months ago, I said I'd blog more. Hmm. Now you know why there's no point in me making New Year's Resolutions, although I did actually make some this year and am sticking to them so far.

Anyway, I've had a couple of fabulous trips recently, and have put photos on flickr. First up, today I had a fabulous day walking in Swaledale with H; years ago, before the arrival of A, spent lots of time in Swaledale and it was lovely to go back and be reminded of the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. Photos here. On Friday night, we went to a talk by Garry Brannigan at The Station in Richmond about his landscape photography, and saw the exhibition of his fabulous photographs. I think it inspired us both on our walk today, both in how we took pictures, and how we experienced the landscape.

Last weekend, I went to Reykjavik. I've wanted to go to Iceland for decades, and finally made the decision, booked with Icelandair, and flew from Manchester last Friday. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Beautiful, bleak, stunning scenery; intense cultural experience; and an overpowering desire to go back. Going over on the plane, I watched a short film where Viggo Mortensen explained why Iceland meant so much to him, and he said that you just need to be, in nature. Don't photograph, don't rush about, just be. Absorb it, and simply take in the experience of being in the landscape. And he's so right. It fits so well with last night's talk too. It's not about going out and taking 365 shots with your digital SLR because you can - it's about being there, and maybe also capturing an image that means something to you.

I could write more about Iceland, and I will. It was funny, going back to work on Tuesday and going for lunch with M; when I didn't say much about Iceland, he said "you seem distinctly underwhelmed by the trip" - and I said no, in fact I was so awe inspired that I hadn't yet managed to put it into words. There are some words attached to my flickr pics, which are here - but in truth I'm still processing it.

A theatre update will follow (at some point) and also maybe a chicken update. And I will try to blog a bit more this year, honest.


Blogger Stacie said...

I've been awaiting your commentary on Iceland...the photos are spectaular. :)

PS- Also anxious for a chicken update. LOL!

4:05 pm  

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