Monday, April 20, 2009


Glimmer, the 7th Hull International Short Film Festival starts tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to the launch party and taster screening tomorrow evening, not least because I'm now vice-chair of the Board of Directors, but also because the programme looks really exciting with lots of good films, and a great party to round it all off next Sunday.

Here's the link to the website where you can find out more, and here's what Artistic Director Laurence Boyce has to say about the Festival:

"This year we’re particularly proud to host the inaugural Anthony Minghella Award for Best International and UK Short, with prize money generously sponsored by the University of Hull. Minghella, who sadly passed away in 2008, was one of the British film industry’s most talented directors and respected champions with films such as The Talented Mr Ripley, Cold Mountain and The English Patient (which netted him an Academy Award for Directing). An alumni of the University of Hull, his love for the industry also saw him serve as the Chairman of the Board of Governors at the British Film Institute between 2003 and 2007 and, in naming two of our major awards in his memory, GLIMMER hopes that we will able to continue his work in being an advocate of the moving image and a tireless supporter of emerging filmmakers. As always, GLIMMER will also bestow awards upon filmmakers from Yorkshire and Hull with all the awards presided over by a jury of industry professionals.

We’re also delighted the John Smith will present not only a retrospective of his work but a carte blanche programme of films that have inspired him and his career. The playful yet inventive nature of films such as The Girl Chewing Gum have quite rightly made him one of the most respected practitioners in artists film and video and both his events should prove an informative experience for all cinema lovers. Local animator David Firth will also open your eyes, though perhaps more out of shock. His disturbing animations such as Salad Fingers have been massive hits on the internet and we bring you the chance to see a selection of his work. Though if you’re easily offended, you might want to bring something to hide behind.

GLIMMER will also offer events for those already in the film industry and those who want to find out more with a number of panel discussions and events designed to explore numerous important issues affecting the business. Included is Anatomy Of A Film II, which follows on for the huge success of last year’s event and Pay To Play? which examines the attitude of the film business to unpaid workers, festival entry fees and the current economic climate. We’ll also be looking to the future of the industry with the CASCADE Film Fair.

Other programmes include Figuring Landscapes, a series of programmes that have grown from the background of the political and cultural history that links the UK and Australia, our Country In Focus which will examine Israel, Coming Soon… an intriguing examination of the art of trailers and opening credit sequences, a series of medium length film screening at Sabrini’s Cafe and Freedom On The Fence, a screening and exhibition in association with the RED Gallery, Polish Cultural Institute and Dydo Poster Collection and Poster Gallery in Krakow."

So, loads of good stuff to see and do. I'll be there for as much of it as I can manage, so come and say hello.


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