Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed

I'm now home safe, if not terribly sound - more tired than I can remember being in years, I think the last twelve days are beginning to catch up with me.

Yesterday ended up being a mixed day - floating around seeing people to say bye, doing a bit of shopping for pressies and souvenirs. I'll send the postcards tomorrow! I walked about a mile looking for the Post Office, then discovered a mile later that if I'd turned left out of the Palais instead of right, I would've only had to walk 100 yards. And besides it was closed. In the evening, I met up with Sue, and we went to Chez Freddie's for moule et frites which was yum, then we wandered past the Palais for one last glimpse of the red carpet glitter and glitz before heading for "Cinema de la Plage" (Anna please correct my grammar if necessary) i.e. massive screen set up on the beach where you just sit on the sand or stand on the prom to watch whatever film is on. Last night it was "Free Jimmy", a very strange animated film about a drugged elephant being chased by various gangs of oddballs before being rescued by a moose. Perhaps if you'd imbibed enough drink or drugs first, it would've been better. As it was, we agreed that it was just downright odd. Then we ambled home, had big hugs and made promises to meet up soon. Sue's great, we have a lot of common territory in our lives, and after all, if it wasn't for her help last year, I would never have been in Cannes in the first place. I owe her more than the cocktail I keep promising her.

I took photos yesterday, so I'll have a look at them and maybe upload some tomorrow. I'm going to check out the news pages now to see who won what, as it was the awards ceremony earlier tonight.


Blogger Viv said...

Yes, photos please!

I think I heard on the radio that it was the Ken Loach film that won. But I (we?)'d much rather hear what *your* awards would have gone to. Which film would you have awarded the Palme D'or??

ahhh, moules frites... yum! It'll be good to have you back, but also sorry its the end of your posts: they've been an appreciated distraction from my scary deadlines. Going again next year?! ;)

12:04 pm  
Blogger Mollywags said...

Hello Sally - and Viv

Yes, the Ken Loach film did win the Palm d'Or (oops, I've been missing the 'e'). It was an item on the evening TV news.

Glad you're safely back and that you have made a last post. We've all enjoyed them enormously.

Hope you soon catch up on sleep etc. (You will groan when you see your grass I'm sure - ours was cut on Tues and again yesterday and there were 8 big bags of cuttings!).

Love from us

12:48 pm  

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