Thursday, May 25, 2006

Onwards and Upwards

There's a very different vibe here now. People have left, and everywhere has gone quiet. I walked into the UK pavilion and got on a machine straight away, for the first time ever. Wasn't much use because the computers in there are so sloooowwwwwww - hamster powered computers. But so many people have gone, or are leaving today.

And there's this kind of "end of the week" chilled feel to the place where if people are still around, it's easier to get conversations. And this afternoon, we had a meeting (about my "other" script, i.e. not MWG) with someone who loved my pitch, loved what we were saying, wants to see the script once it's ready, is from a big financing company ... I came out feeling stunned, then got the giggles. How big is this deal? Well, let's just say we're thinking of buying champagne tonight.

I think I'm getting my second wind now. Apparently, yesterday was flip-out day - I'm not the only one who had a foot-stamping moment last night. Steven, one of the producers from the American company interested in MWG, also apparently had his "I need food NOW" moment last night. I feel like I've been here for ever, and it's exhausting and relentless, but good in a wierd way. All the people I've been hanging out with are all walking round looking slightly spaced out. It's strange, but good - Cannes is a different planet.

And hopefully here is the first photo I took (last night).

It's the sign above the road leading into the festival.


Blogger Mollywags said...


Well, many congratulations! Sounds like you've made a hit there with your pitch (if that's not mixing metaphors or something). There seems a strong likelihood that you will get the show on the road much much quicker than the British woman who had to wait 15 years (can't scrawl back & check her name without losing this). Cheers with the well-deserved champagne!
When reading the earlier message must say I thought 'surely everyone else is feeling shattered too', and lo, so they are.
Hope you all get into the film tonight.
Someone told me about another Cannes site in addition to the one Viv mentioned. It is
(not that you'll have time to look at it but some of your correspondents might like to see it).
We've had a wonderful sunny, warm, day here today and everyone has perked up no end; unfortunately the rain is forecast to return so be prepared for damp Hull on Sun.
Thanks again for making the time to involve us all in your adventures.

Love from us

7:48 pm  

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