Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here's one I took earlier

Finally getting around to putting up a few photos from Cannes. You'll notice that there are none of me - the advantage of being behind the camera rather than in front. This batch of pics is all around the Palais and the International Village.

This is a view of the pavilions from the beach side - each pavilion has a little sitting out area as well as the more office-like indoor section. The UK pavilion is to my left, and the one with the red umbrellas is the American pavilion.

This is taken in front of the main Palais building, looking towards the Grand Theatre Lumiere, which is where the main Competition and Out of Competition screenings are held. The screen on the left shows arrivals at red carpet time for gala screenings, and the entrance to the red carpet which we used is just to the right of that. There's nothing happening at the time of this photo, so this is a relatively quiet scene.

This is taken at the bottom of the red carpet steps, where the stars enter. We came on just to the left or right, at the side. The photographers stand on either side under the canopy.

And this is looking towards the steps when there's a gala going on. I'm in roughly the same place as I was for the first photo of the Palais - this counts as fairly busy, but not the most manic night I saw.

And this is what it looks like once you've walked the red carpet, past the photographers, and climbed the steps. Behind the white railings at the back of the photo are more photographers, and members of the public who've sometimes waited for hours in the hope of a glimpse of someone famous. It's a little odd going to a 7:30 screening, lots of people in evening wear walking along the street, alongside people in T shirts and shorts just off the beach.


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