Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello, Chicago

Holy cow, it's cold here. Painfully cold, it feels as if my ears have been bitten off. Not that my ears have ever been bitten off, but if they had, I imagine that this is what it might feel like. It's 7:56pm here in Chicago right now, 01:55am tomorrow in the UK, and I've been up since 5am today UK time - if that makes any sense at all - let's just say, I've been awake now for around 20 hours so if I make any spelling errors its hardly surprising. I reckon if I can only stay awake until 10pm, I'll be fine and jetlagless.

First impressions of Chicago - supercool. The buildings are fantastic, I want to take pictures of almost everything. And everyone is supernice. I forget how much better the attitude to customer service is here, on the whole.

And a quick news catch up - last Saturday did the acting workshop at Sheffield Theatres - fantastic. I was dreading it, but ending up having a brilliant day. Steve, the tutor/workshop leader, was great, got us (small group of 7) working really well together, and at 5pm we performed a play that had not existed at 10am. I learned a huge amount about the acting process, and about myself - any writer really should take an acting class, its a revelation.

Sunday was the Echoes screening - almost all the cast, almost none of the crew, and most of our supporters came. It was good to see people and to have a bit of a celebration. The cinema (Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds) is lovely, and aside from an initial glitch to do with sound levels, the screening went well. The film was well received, and I was hugely relieved to get to the end of the day with a positive feeling. And lots of hugs. Hugs are always good.

And now its time to go to my room and try not to fall asleep in front of a film.


Blogger Good Dog said...


If you love architecture, Chicago will turn you goggle-eyed. The amazing thing is how the architectural landscape changes year by year. Have a good time out there. And if you have the time, get yourself around the Art Institute.

5:30 pm  
Blogger Stacie said...

So, glad we were able to see all that architecture together!

12:47 am  

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