Friday, March 14, 2008

Two down, six to go

Am in Stratford for the Glorious Moment weekend, 8 Shakespeare history plays in 4 days, and typing very fast in SuA library because play #3 begins at 3!

Proper reviews later, when I have time for contemplation- Richard II last night was very good - Jonathan Slinger a wonderful verse speaker if a little on the foppish side as Richard. The staging is wonderfully bare, with a few idiosyncracies - rope-born saddles for the Bolingbroke/Mowbray duel, for example. Period costume, and some of the costumes are amazingly lush and detailed.

Henry IV part 1 this morning was fabulous - I am completely smitten by Lex Shrapnel as Harry Percy, Hotspur - his verse speaking is completely wonderful, he is so physically present in his role, he is fabulous to watch. The play itself feels very much like "part 1" - it ends quite abruptly, and I can't wait to get back in and see part 2 - and on that note, must dash!

More later ...


Anonymous Stacie said...

I hope you got back in time!!!!

3:46 am  

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