Saturday, June 21, 2008


Came up to Edinburgh on Thursday, lovely sunny day, tickets for films in my sticky paw, cute little flat - everything seemed lovely. By Friday, not so lovely, which is why I haven't blogged yet because I simply haven't been in the mood.

Thursday's films were both good - Terence Davies' "Of Time and The City", a beautiful lyrical poem to Liverpool, combining masses of archive footage with contemporary digital footage and a narrative voice over by Terence Davies, it told the story of the city from a very personal point of view. Then, later, "Before The Rains", a Merchant Ivory style epic romance starring Rahul Bose and Linus Roache (of whom I got a nice photo but I left my connecting cable at home so it'll have to wait, I'm afraid), directed by Santosh Sivan. Lush cinematography and an old-fashioned morality tale combined to make a beguiling couple of hours.

Then I discovered the drawbacks of having a flat in Grassmarket. Most of the drinking population of Edinburgh were underneath my window shouting until 3:30am and beyond. Then the roadworks began at 7:30. Oh joy. So, I was not a happy person to then find out that my type of badge (and my type only) means I don't have access to the stand-by list. Every other type of badge can get free tickets to films. Not mine. Complaints have been made, apparently, and not only by me - I'm due to see someone to "discuss" it later.

Still, settling down in a darkened room makes all other worries go away for a while at least, so I went to see "Somers Town", Shane Meadows' latest film, a sweet and gentle story about Polish immigrants and a runaway from Nottingham. It's very funny, and nicely optimistic. Followed that with a bit of networking at the Scottish Screen party at the delegates centre, then legged it back out to Cineworld for "The Kreutzer Sonata", directed by Bernard Rose and starring Danny Huston (sadly, I failed to get a photo). It was darker, quite violent and sexual than I'd expected - it was a good film, but there was a very rough and ready appearance to the film which I didn't think was supposed to happen with digital. Anyway, Sean Connery was in the audience, and he enjoyed it - or at least, he said he did.

This morning, I went to a UK Film Council short film-maker's networking breakfast which was very good - some nice food, some good people to talk to, did a bit of promotion for Glimmer and Hull Film. Hoping to get into a script-in-hand reading later, and I've got tickets for two films tonight, but right now I'm off to find out why I can't get internet access in the flat.


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Annabelle here! Oooh Linus there's a lovely sight. As for your party central accomodations, well if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. Perhaps a film or two will look better with a pint!

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