Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To blog or not to blog?

Have been considering whether or not to keep going with the blog recently, since over the last few months my bloggy activity has slipped into near catatonia. Partly this has been because I've not been seeing much theatre - full time job + local programmes being fairly unappealing + Shefield Crucible being dead + not enough time to get to London/Stratford/other interestingly theatrical places = my theatre notebook for this year is alarmingly thin. So, there haven't been many reviews. Also, writing activity seemed to have hit a slump; despite little bursts of resurgence, mainly related to when I went away for a couple of days which seemed to free up something or other and lead to pages of handwritten stuff, I just haven't been very creative this year.

And the other major thing recently has been A going to University. On the one hand, this has meant short-sightedness - does anyone else get that thing where such a big event looms on the horizon that you can't see beyond it? I've spent so much of the summer thinking only of A going away, and then getting ready, shopping, packing ... how she's there, and I'm here, missing her of course, but also trying to think less about "empty nest" than the fact that this is a new avenue in life for both of us.

And then, the whole creativity thing seems to have sprung back into life. Maybe because we've jumped the hurdle of "A going away" so I've got that energy to use elsewhere; maybe because the film which has been a floaty idea for the last couple of months has sudddenly become much more concrete; maybe because finding someone to work with, and bounce ideas off in one sphere, has a kind of ripple effect. I know as writers we're supposed to be able to do isolation and solitude, and most of the time I'm pretty OK with my own company. But having started to work with M on the film, it seems that just hanging out and talking about creative stuff with him has sparked off all sorts of other things for me. We start from very different perspectives but overlap in so many ways, and all of a sudden I'm writing again. A short story, two poems, a story-board ... isolation/solitude is all very well, but having a creative collaborator seems to make all the difference for me.

So I'm writing again - perhaps I won't be killing the blog after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well! That's good news as we've missed it.
Love from us

8:18 pm  
Blogger Stacie said...

I think blogs are a cyclical thing. It's a public form of what is essentially a personal journal. You get to decide when you want to update it. :)

9:46 pm  
Anonymous Haze said...

Don't stop the blog! It's good to hear what you're up to when we don't speak often.
And these htings don't have to be active all the time!!

8:41 pm  
Blogger Graffiti Living said...

I'm really glad you decided to keep the blog. Though I still think your tagline should read "theatre, food, film, and chickens!" :P

11:38 pm  

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