Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More filmy news

The first full day of Glimmer has been fab - two very different but equally interesting films at Sabrinis's at lunchtime (Sabrini's is a great Mediterranean restaurant/cafe on Princes Ave, I'm looking forward to trying the chilli chocolate fudge cake next time I go). "The Solitary Life of Cranes" was lovely, a meditation on solitude and a very different view of London directed by Eva Weber; this was followed by "It's Nick's Birthday", a funny, quirky film, quite charming and unusual, directed by Graeme Cole. Unfortunately I had work to do this afternoon so couldn't go to Country in Focus or Figuring Landscapes, but I did get to "Freedom on the Fence" at Red Gallery, a fascinating documentary about the history of Polish film posters and their significance to the social, political and cultural life of Poland. Along with the film, there's an exhibition that showcases some of the best examples of Polish poster art. Well worth going to - and the posters are for sale, many of them collectors items already.

Tomorrow at Glimmer, there's another Sabrini's lunchtime screening; there's more Figuring Landscapes, an International Competition set of screenings, and the BAFTA shorts are also being shown - a top class day!

Meanwhile for us, tomorrow we've got the second day of filming for Lines of Flight - fingers crossed the weather stays as good as it's been so far this week.


Blogger mrposter said...

Thank you for attending Freedom On the Fence. As the executive producer of the film it is wonderful to get your comments.
The most complete collection of Polish film and other cultural posters available can be seen at

Martin Rosenberg
Santa Fe, New Mexico

6:39 pm  

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