Sunday, June 18, 2006

A bug's life

Rule #1 for this time of year - if there are little bitey insects around, they will find me. And then, once they've bitten me, I'll react spectacularly, usually somewhere either very public (big red bite on upper arm in Cannes, just when I wanted to wear sleeveless tops), or somewhere very itchy (right under a strap or a hem or some other thing that will rub). I've tried anti-bug stuff, I've tried eating brown bread and drinking beer (for the vitamin B; insects don't like it, apparently - that's my excuse anyway); other than moving to a place without insects, if anyone has any guaranteed ways of not getting bitten, please let me know.

Not much news to blog about, so I spent some time adding links, without messing up my page, so I'm pretty happy with this morning's work. Now I need to do some proper work - I've got to submit my report to the Arts Council at the end of the month to tell them how their grant helped me write my play. Better finish the play, then. I'll just go and mow the grass, do a bit of weeding, and net the strawberries (went down to pick some last night only to find the blackbirds had got there first.) Oh, and water all the salad seedlings that have started to pop up. If I ever make lots and lots of money, I'm going to hire a gardener to do all the boring stuff so I can just do the nice bits.


Blogger Fun Joel said...

Thanks for the link! And welcome to the Scribosphere.

12:15 am  
Blogger Optimistic_Reader said...

Well, I'm jealous of your garden as I have none! Very frustratingly, the basement flat in my building does have a garden but it's private. I can see it from my kitchen and I just want to be able to sit out there and read scripts, not be indoors.

Can't help you with the bug bite thing, I've recently acquired a few unsightly bites myself. For a bit of nice weather, we have to put up with a lot.

Good luck with finishing the play!

1:14 pm  

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