Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soundtracks for inspiration

Had dinner with J on Monday, and he gave me a CD. Quite a fabulous CD, as it turns out, because it includes two of my all time favourite top songs - but apart from that, it is a CD with a purpose. J made it as a soundtrack to a rom com, with the idea that I would listen to it and then write the story to go with the songs. I've been playing it all week in the car, and have a few scenes in my mind, but no clear characters yet, and no solid story line. I'm wondering how long it will be before something becomes concrete, knowing at the same time that J not only has a story in his head, but also has a director's cut of the CD/potential movie. He has more songs than me!! Actually, I'm not sure if that's a god thing or a bad thing. The plan is, I think, that at some random point in the future, we'll compare our stories, and assuming I ever get mine written, that will be interesting, just to see how the same set of songs affect us. I suspect we'll write wildly different stories, but I'm not entirely sure ...

Anyway, the question is, what do you listen to when you're writing, and what would you play for inspiration?


Anonymous Ms Writer said...

I listen to all sorts. Depends what I'm writing. Classical if I need to concentrate up to Metal if I'm writing a scene with lots of conflict in it. Listening to Kate Rusby at the moment, purely because her voice inspires melancholic writing with soul. Sal, I've found that the trick is to write the story, then get someone to put music to it - it's much easier. Still it's fun the other way round too. Hope it goes well!

8:08 am  
Blogger potdoll said...

sounds like a fun experiment!

i don't listen to music while I write. i just never got into that habit.

12:31 pm  
Blogger Stacie said...

I've only listed to music while studying for exams. And strangely enought what they said was true, I could hear the music while I was writing the exam.

9:48 pm  

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